Success with Integrity Realty Inc. was founded by Mr. Hector Padilla.  He had the vision of  being a boutique real estate and investment firm that offered their exclusive clients custom tailored services.

Our company philosophy is simple yet profound, our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients and community while making them feel like family.

The word integrity, ethics and karma are not taken lightly at SWI Realty.  Our team has a holistic mindset when interacting with our clients as we believe that integrity translates to “honesty with good intention”.  Time proven wisdom has taught us that there is a system of cause and effect in the Universe.  We take it a notch further, by not only acknowledging and deeply believing in it, but also by implementing it.  Good energy, appreciation and respect are highly praised in our office.  We believe, the happier our team, the stronger the synergy, the better we can serve our clients & community.

As the saying goes: “What you sow you shall reap,”. We work diligently with our clients as a TEAM to achieve a common goal.

Our Team at SWI Realty is committed to providing extraordinary service and unconventional solutions for our clients.  Even after closing escrow,  we continue to stay in touch with our clients and treat them like family. Call us today at (310) 204-8971 or email us at Info@swirealty.net