Our private investors earn high-yield returns of 6% to 15% annual returns by investing in our secured trust deeds.  Our investors also use their  “Self  Directed  IRA’s”  to earn higher returns TAX FREE.

Our secured trust deeds have 25% to 60% in equity and come with proper insurance. Effectively our investors become the bank but earn much higher returns with monthly cash flow payments.

Historically trust deed investing was only used by affluent and sophisticated investors.  But that has now changed.  Trust deed investing offers our private investors a secured investment and a great way to diversify their portfolio. Success with Integrity Realty, Inc. is family owned and operated and we have over 38 years of experience in the real estate business, including investing in Culver City and other L.A. areas. We treat our clients like family.

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Joint Ventures and Syndications:
We also offer Joint Ventures to our Funding Partners who are seeking higher returns, monthly cash flow and tax advantages. To learn more email us at Please note that in order to become a “Funding Partner” you must be an accredited investor and have $100,000.00 or more in liquid capital to invest.


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