I am Thinking About Selling My Property. Should I Hire An Out Of Area Agent?


Question: Hector, I am going to sell my rental property in Culver City.  My friend is an agent but she works in San Diego should I hire her to represent me?


Answer: Jan, thank you for taking the time to email me your question. I truly appreciate it. This is a tuff situation to be in. I understand that you would like to help your friend by giving her business. Let me ask you a few questions.


#1. Is your property one of your biggest assets, yes or YES?

#2. Do you want to net the most money possible when selling your real estate, yes or YES?

#3. Is local market experience and expertise from your agent a concern, yes or YES?

#4. Is a proven track record important to you, yes or YES?

#5. Is a strong network with local  “Buyer Agents” important, yes or YES?


If you answered yes to these questions then I recommend that you keep your relationship with your friend and hire a “LOCAL” credentialed professional to sell your property.


Jan, I strongly recommend that you interview at least two Listing Agents  who have experience, a strong network of local agents, a proven marketing plan to sell your home and NET you the most money.


The TOP 10% of the agents sell 90% of the inventory.  According to the National Association of Realtors the average agent only sells 4 properties per year. Hire a credentialed  Listing Agent and don’t make the mistake of hiring an out of area agent.  At the end, it will COST you money and aggravation.


Net, net bottom line, is it worth damaging or, worse yet, losing your relationship with your friend over a real estate transaction, no or NO?


I sincerely hope that I have answered your question and I wish you the best of luck.


Hector Padilla is in the TOP 2% Nationally. He is the broker of Success with Integrity Realty, Inc (A family owned boutique real estate firm with over 38 years of experience).  You may contact Hector at Hector@swirealty.net or call (310) 204-8978.       

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